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  • Are bacteria able to get us to run faster?

    A recent research of the Harvard Medical School have been published on Nature Medicine by Scheiman et al., and showed the importance of human gut microbiome in athletes performance.






    The age of modern science is being increasingly characterized by the ability of researchers to have access to data and, within a broader context, by the creation of a sense of shared knowledge. Shared resources, such as data banks and literature, today represent the basis of the concept of the research work as much as experimental accuracy and substantial theoretical foundation...






  • BIL gate: A step toward a biological computer

    Scientists at Stanford University presented the remarkable production of genetic devices that work like a biological computer.

    The results, published on "Science" (28 March 2013), present the development of innovative genetic transistors that can be induced into biological cells and switched on/off in certain circumstances.


  • Web Server Issue of Nucleic Acids Research presents new free Array Analysis tools

    Nucleic Acids Research devotes a single issue in July to papers describing web-based software resources of value to the biological community.

    The emphasis of the current issue is on network and pathway analysis, high-throughput sequencing data analysis and biological text mining.



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We are focused on Bioinformatics solutions tackling users’ needs to create and manage their own science community with the intent to join researchers with a rapid and specific exchange of scientific information.

Below are some of our main expertise for bioinformatics IT & Sevices

- Market strategies advice to promote scientific service & solutions
- MySql, Oracle and MS SQL Server database development focused on life science
- Quality control testing and protocol development for biological databases and clinical management data
- Scientific IT solution for Mobile app, Web design interface, scripting in any language and development of customized services and solutions for consumer life science
- Design and implementation of parallelized bioinformatics algorithms on Grid
- Analysis and design of ontologies and biological/clinical databases
- Big data management for high throughput technologies
- Data Mining and Text Analytics for biological data
- Implementing of web semantic technologies for data interoperability
- Amplicon ‘Sanger’ sequences analyses: quality score filtering, assembly and translation
- Phylogenetic analysis of DNA and protein sequences: Parsimony, Maximum likelihood, Bayesian
- SNP calling analysis
- Specific and universal Primer design for amplicon sequencing strategy, qPCR and species-specific monitoring
- Primer validation against public databases and high customized template datasets
- Metabolic pathways prediction (Reference Organisms and Viruses)
- Next generation sequencing data analyses of 454 pyrosequencer (Roche) and Illumina MiSeq:
- Sequence pre-processing for sequencing error estimation
- Quality score conversion of 454, illumina and solid into phred score
- De-novo genome assembly (pipeline under construction)
- Amplicon analysis of Targeted metagenomics Taxon assignment (i.e. 16S rRNA, COX1 Barcode, 18S, etc…)
- RNAseq data analyses
- RNA editing analysis (on-going research to identify the best method)

N.B. Analysis pipelines will be stabilized according to data type and the goal of each specific subject


  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Biology at EMBL Rome
    The Boulard and Gross Groups at EMBL Rome are seeking to recruit a Postdoctoral Fellow with experience in computational biology to lead a project at the interface of epigenetics and neuroscience. The project combines the expertise of the Bo...
MyPost Gallery (Test)
    Nowadays, researchers can not do without social networking to keep updated the sense of their study.The concept of smart planet surrounds completely the science research world, and the virtual social spaces interact with the real theoretical and expe...
  • Text mining forward
    Biological Text mining forward Text Mining is an interdisciplinary field grown up by different networking techniques from linguistics, computer science and statistics. Its aims and usefulness are to be found in retrieving and extracting information ...
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