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    The age of modern science is being increasingly characterized by the ability of researchers to have access to data and, within a broader context, by the creation of a sense of shared knowledge. Shared resources, such as data banks and literature, today represent the basis of the concept of the research work as much as experimental accuracy and substantial theoretical foundation...






  • BIL gate: A step toward a biological computer

    Scientists at Stanford University presented the remarkable production of genetic devices that work like a biological computer.

    The results, published on "Science" (28 March 2013), present the development of innovative genetic transistors that can be induced into biological cells and switched on/off in certain circumstances.


Who we are

AllBioinformatics (AB) was founded in 2012 by a group of industrial researchers of the Laboratory of Molecular Biodiversity (MBLab), to be a network of excellence in computational science. AB is a place hosting collaborations in a large pool of scientific workers including not only bioinformatics, but people working in other areas of informatics in biology, medicine and health care. AB is a nonprofit research organization gathering a team of scientists across disciplines to improve scientific communication. We aim to collect, develop and maintain computational resources to facilitate world-wide communications and collaborations between people of all educational and professional levels. We differentiate ourselves by mean of our open memberships, free project hosting and access to biological information as well as free and open source software.


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